Explore our Life Journey™ Program

I am proud and excited to bring you our Life Journey™ Program! Distilled into an inspiring, energising and empowering program are years of reading, studying, practicing yoga and introspection on what it means to be a mother and more importantly a woman in this age of our collective history.

This ultra powerful, deeply effective program will have you believing in yourself, defining your goals, designing your dream life and living it! This program includes tools and methods to help re-program your inner voice ( self love & self belief) along with health and fitness plans to help promote your new found sense of being. This program was specifically designed for mothers and women who are seeking to give to themselves as much as they do to others.

Imagine having the tools and methods to achieve your life goals as well as one on one sessions with a life coach who has been where you are! I am here for you and I am incredibly excited to have the honour of sharing this journey together!

Please email me at thismamabusiness@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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