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Mentoring..together we go forward

Non profit, She Mentors Me was created for women by women. Our organisation is here for every woman and is not religiously or politically affiliated. In fact we actively strive to match every women seeking mentorship as best we can, based on criteria we think is important like industry, education, ambitions, achievements big and small. We are selective but everyone gets a chance, not only those women who run businesses with high profit or reach. We do not match based on colour, creed, sexual orientation, or religion. Our only objective is to match a female mentor with a female mentee and ﹟ignitealegacy.

Wait…you said something about mothers?

Through personal experience, countless reports, surveys, and news articles as well as discussions with industry leaders and our family and friends we are convinced that mothers are expected to ensure the development and success of future generations whilst receiving little to no help re-entering the work force during or after taking care of children. We’re expected to just get on with it. This is seen across every industry at every level in every nation.

The saying, “it takes a village” has never been more resonant to counter balance today’s western view point of women “having it all” attitude. Motherhood is the most important “job” in the world and yet with the least amount of help. Mentoring can help to bridge the difficulties of returning to work with applicable and direct support.

What is Mentorship? What kind do you use?

Mentorship is the act of advising or training someone. We strongly believe that reciprocal mentoring is best because it promotes both parties being “mentored.” Read more here.

United we can shape the future

Under our motto #ignitealegacy,  we intend to do just that, but without you there can be no legacy, no real and lasting change for women in the work place. By becoming a mentor you recognise that sharing your skills and knowledge is how we can build this future.

Who can Mentor?

We are currently enrolling female mentors from across all industries, at all corporate levels and nations. We want you women entrepreneurs too! If you have passion, skills, and knowledge then you can be a mentor. Please use our contact form here to start the process.


Apply for Mentorship

Are you a woman, a mother in need of a guiding hand? Do you think you could benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of other women who have been where you are now? Please use our form to start the application process. Do you have a sister, wife, daughter or female friend who you think would benefit? Share our mission with them because it is only united that we can change the future for the better!






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