Coaching Prices & Packages

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One on One Coaching Session

This is where you and I get down to it! Goals will be set, achievements celebrated and dreams done, done and done! One on one with me for an hour. Make sure to get comfy because we're going to get a lot done! Can be used weekly, twice a month, once a month or as a check in for progress.

100.00 CHF

This Mama Business Life Journey™ Program NOW ENROLLING!

This ultra powerful, deeply effective program will have you believing in yourself, defining your goals, designing your dream life and accomplishing your dreams! This program includes tools and methods to help re-program your inner voice (self belief) along with health and fitness plans to help promote your new found sense of worth. This program was specifically designed for mothers and women who are seeking to give to themselves as much as they do to others with this highly motivational, beautiful and meaningful program. Included are weekly one on one coaching sessions for 6 months, that’s 24 coaching sessions ($2400 value!) THE WORKBOOK that you will love using, unlimited email support during the 6 months and LOTS of freebies! Payment plans available as investing in yourself is incredibly important and I want everyone to be able to benefit!

3,500.00 CHF

Monthly Coaching Package

Do you have an area in your life that you want to focus on? Career? Finances? Relationships? Your relationship with yourself? Do you struggle with self-esteem issues or self-doubt? Do you want better balance in your life and less stress? The monthly coaching package is for you! Included are: 3 x one on one sessions, unlimited emails (because you are going to nail this!) and 3 workbooks (tailored to your needs) and lots of freebies! Payment plan available by contacting me at

500.00 CHF


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