Join us! Together we can help mothers re-ignite their careers

Through personal experience, countless reports, surveys, and news articles as well as discussions with industry leaders and our family and friends, we are convinced that mothers are expected to ensure the development and success of future generations whilst receiving little to no help re-entering the work force during or after taking care of children. We’re expected to just get on with it. This is seen across every industry at every level in every nation.

The saying, “it takes a village” has never been more resonant.

Motherhood. It defines us. So can a career. But what happens when the career stops because motherhood took over? Do you know how this woman feels? Longing to step back into it but afraid that the business/industry/job role she was in has moved on. There’s new technology and new rules. Maybe 5 years have gone by, maybe 10, or maybe they’re looking to enter now that their children are grown. It can be very overwhelming and she might “stay in her lane” (I hate that limiting belief!) and decide its all too much.

Maybe you were once her.

Female mentoring can change that. It can #ignitealegacy of inspiration and self-realization that empowers mothers into finding their purpose (other than the kids of course!) That’s some powerful stuff!

Together, through this exclusive mentorship program we can help mothers to rejoin the workforce no matter when they left their career and across all job sectors. Our goal is to join a woman, more often than not a working mother themselves, to form a mentorship bond with a mother looking to start or re-start her career.

Won’t you help us realize her dreams?

How can this help me?

We understand! You’re a busy woman, maybe even a professional working mother, how will this investment of your time and energy benefit you? It’s a fair question!

In comes the magic of reciprocal mentoring.

We strongly believe that reciprocal mentoring is best because it promotes both parties being “mentored.” Read more here.

United we can shape the future

Under our motto #ignitealegacy,  we intend to do just that, but without you there can be no legacy, no real and lasting change for women in the work place. By becoming a mentor you recognise that sharing your skills and knowledge is how we can build this future.

Who can Mentor?

We are currently enrolling female mentors from across all industries, at all corporate levels and nations. We want you women entrepreneurs too! If you have passion, skills, and knowledge then you can be a mentor. Please use our contact form here to start the process.

Ignite your legacy and become our mentee today!