She Mentors Me Care Pledge

She Mentors Me pledges to do no harm. In other words we have a care pledge (or mission statement) where we pledge to uphold the following things:

  1. To respect one another at all times.
  2. To honestly and openly promote reciprocal mentoring.
  3. To never sell or pass on your private and personal information.
  4. To uphold the basic principle of She Mentors Me being a not for profit company.
  5. To use and promote non-racist, non-religious, and non-sexual orientated questions during our mentor and/or mentee application process.
  6. She Mentors Me is for women run by women. If you are not a woman, this isn’t personal or political. It’s simply a matter of business. We seek to promote relationships between women for the purpose of personal and professional growth. This promotion does not stop or hinder you in attaining your own personal and/or professional growth.


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