I love being a motivational coach and I think it is super important for you to decide if I’m right for you! Feel free to explore the FAQ section and if you’ve got some more then please email me at thismamabusiness@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you within 24h!

Question: What the heck is a motivational coach?

Answer: Motivational coaching is a specific type of coaching and the one that I feel delivers the best results as well as bringing a deeper understanding of yourself.

When we struggle with our emotions, for example self-doubt, having a motivational coach with help you see where this emotion is coming from, approach it from a different perspective, and how to transform this negative issue into a positive solution towards living an authentic life.


Question: I need help but I am struggling financially. How can I make this work? Is it worth it?!

Answer: First let me start with this simple point: are you worth it? If you answer yes to that question then using a motivational coach is definitely worth it. You deserve a life that is fulfilling and true to who you are. During sessions as well as using the self-guided study programs, I show you how, using powerful NLP language, the GROW method and incorporating positive psychology, your issues and needs can be addressed, reshaped and resolved.

Being able to afford to work on yourself is the most important gift you can give yourself. Investing in yourself will pay off in your relationships and career. Because I want you to succeed, payment plans are available for the monthly package as well as the Life Journey Program™


Question: OK but how does it work then?! Do I get a refund if it doesn’t?!


One on one sessions can be easily booked here using the booking platform. They are either by Skype or in person if you live near Lausanne, Switzerland. These are not refundable because if you miss the appointment I cannot give it to someone else. These one on one sessions are truly unique ah-ha moments and we get a lot done in them! I love speaking to my clients and watching them overcome issues! Making yourself available once a week, once a month or even every 3 months is making sure that you are putting yourself first no matter what. Of course, if you have a serious, unavoidable scheduling issue please contact me.

My monthly package is the one that most people take because the 3 one on one sessions can be had at any time in the month making it easy to rebook if necessary. The monthly package is designed to address one issue at a time. You can book one monthly package after another to address different issues. Included in this package is unlimited email support during the month as well as 3 tailored to you workbooks. This program is refundable within 7 days of purchase minus a 25% booking fee (so $500-125=$375 refund.) After the 7 days a refund is no longer possible because you will have accessed the 3 work books (value of $300) as well as at least one coaching session and email support. I pour my heart and my undivided attention into our relationship! I care 100% and I need you to be invested in this journey too!

My refund policy is strict because unfortunately there are some who just want to see what it’s all about and don’t have any intention of following through. However, I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee because I love my clients and love the healing, positive, motivational work that I do and I know you will too! Not satisfied? Let’s fix that here!

My Life Journey Program is the works. That’s right. It delivers life changing results in every/any area that needs it. This program is 6 months long. You get weekly one on one motivational coaching sessions, a downloadable program/workbook, unlimited email support and tonnes of freebies. Want to be the first to access it? Click here and sign up!

Question Wow! Now I’m listening…but why is motivational coaching so much better than lets say a self help book?

I love helping mothers, women, and girls starting out in their careers achieve their dreams and resolve emotional issues. This is what I live for! You simply will not get that out of a book. Motivational coaches are highly invested, caring, and committed to seeing you succeed. Ready to dive in? Go here to get a free 30 minute consultation!