Forgiveness…as an expression of Self Love.

True forgiveness is hard. To forgive another for the hurt you have caused, or to accept someone asking for forgiveness for the pain caused to you sometimes seems impossible. Even more daunting is forgiving ourselves for the pain we have caused others or giving ourselves permission to let go and forgive. We, as women, it seems are genetically programmed to withhold ourselves this simple, often times quick, act of self forgiveness. Yet if it is so quick, why is it so hard and why do we deny ourselves this healing balm that  allows us to move forward on our journey of authentic living?

Part of being a motivational coach is to help a client look inside herself and give her the tools and the language to explore self forgiveness. For some it is a relatively quick process; we examine and we reframe the hurt or the blame into something we can actively address in the here and now. For others it is a life long commitment as our self worth and self love is more often then not directly interwoven with past mistakes, mistakes we simply cannot forgive ourselves for having committed.

I have been where you are now. I truly believe that for a motivational life coach to be able to effectively help someone they need to have made mistakes and asked for forgiveness or given forgiveness to someone who hurt them. Empathy is an important ingredient for a strong foundation of trust and honesty between client and coach. Please contact me here to set up an appointment to get you on your journey towards authentic living!

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